ahh, the joys of acne Hi, clearnomore and minimouse, I am just wondering what kind of scarring you both have. I used to hide from situations where I thought guys would not accept me either because of my scarring.I turned down many dates and opportunities because I was scared and insecure.

I’ve heard many positive things about this face mask that I decided to give it a try.

Just out of curiosity, has acne and the scarring affected anyones dating life?

My friends want to set me up with their mutual friend who has seen my picture and thought I was pretty, but I am terrified of his expression when he sees my scarring!!

According to Web MD, adult acne is caused by “stress or changes in your hormone levels, like switching or stopping birth control pills are possibilities.” Baking Soda is gritty and is excellent for exfoliation.

It wasn’t until my 30’s that I really began to break out.

A gentle scrub can remove bumps and rough patches; it can even skin tone and prevent buildup from clogging pores and causing breakouts.

Like lemon juice, baking soda is mildly acidic; the combination of two mild acids can make for powerful homemade acne-fighting facial treatments.

Nothing like the fear of rejection to keep you from a possibly fulfilling relationship!

Anyways, anyone else experience this timidity and wanna share their story........ i started dating two different girls over the past two years while i was on accutane (and clear) and then after i got off, and broke out again, i had them both break up with me...

i guess thats what i get for dating sterotypical superficial sorority *****es (yes they both are)...

and now that im almost clear again, im not even looking for a relationship (at least not from the girls i know) for fear that they'll "want to see other people" if i break out again... Some people with great skin may not look half as good as you both do with the little scarring. Clearnomore and minimouse, I COMPLETELY know how you feel.