The KIO Networks Cloud solutions for SAP Kloud offer storage and are designed to be an affordable option to hire, implement and manage.

It is designed to deliver the best solution to multiple enterprises due to its adaptability to specific IT needs.

Our clients could share a modern and reliable cloud infrastructure, paying as you go and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

End-to-end integration with the main ERP’s of the market, portals and services of online facturation.

With the help of our secure global high speed IP networks connecting all of our data centers, we design, integrate, and manage vertical solutions for high availability, managed, and mission-critical hosting.

KIO Networks has become the first supplier in Latin America in offering SAP Cloud Enterprise in a Paa S model.

We provide our clients a dynamic structure, with high disponibility and absolute commitment processing large data quantities in real time for a correct decision making.

Our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) develops preventive solutions that include impacts, risks and vulnerability analysis, disaster recovery plan, backup and recovery infrastructure and architecture, and alternate offices.

Its outsourcing scheme IT Service On Demand is a model of Saa S that offers the higher levels of service and security.

Our Big Data services process large amounts of information for quick decision making.

Our solution is able to simultaneously store, govern, process and correlate information of different systems regardless the database technology or source.

We design, integrate and operate vertical solutions for high availability and mission-critical hosting and managed complex hosting thanks to the modern global high speed IP networks and security that are equipped with our data centers.