SL is a 3D virtual reality, it’s an interactive graphics chat world, SL is a game and a playground, it’s all about sex, it’s a role playing game, people in SL have relationships and families, it’s an online community, it’s all about money, SL players spend real money, people with various skills make real money, SL can be experienced for free, SL is for geeks, SL allows the “socially handicapped” to connect, SL supports charity (e.g.

Graham is releasing v0.1 around the same time I release this podcast, and I can't wait to hear everyone's feedback. No, but it has the best recipe for success in this genre of apps.

Try it out and if you are a developer with the skills needed to help Graham along, please reach out to him.

If you don’t yet play Second Life (SL) then I’m sure you have heard a thing or two about it. Maybe something caught your attention and interest here. Getting started in SL takes some time and patience.

Relay for Life), and that’s just a small selection.

It will help you tremendously in your future Second Life experience.

You will also have to pass some tests before you may proceed to Help Island.

Help Island is restricted to fellow newcomers and mentors.

This episode of the Rev VR Podcast is an exclusive interview with the developer of VR Chat, Graham Gaylor.

VR Chat is, in my opinion, is one of the "killer apps" that Oculus Rift owners have been dying to try.

A virtual meeting place, complete with push-to-talk chat capabilities and avatars, all done in Unity.

With hosted networking and a wonderful coffee shop to start with, VR Chat is the start of something no short of amazing.