In other words: You have to find a person whom you can put up with and who, more importantly, can put up with you. If love isn't much more than the way that you perceive a person, then you need to find someone who you can perceive as being amazing for as long as you live.Just as importantly, you need to find a person who can put up with all of your sh*t.

Sure, there are plenty of other reasons to love someone, but sex is definitely one of the more important ones.

Does this mean that your partner needs to live up to the supermodel standard?

I hope not because then 99 percent of the world will be very lonely.

What you find attractive is your preference – just make sure that he or she has a face that you'll be happy seeing every morning for the rest of your life.

Having things in common is essential to a loving and caring relationship.

For one, it minimizes the amount of arguments, which is very useful in a relationship, and it makes life more enjoyable for both parties.

You don't want to always be doing the things that you hate because your partner loves them.

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